Dr. Blair Betrand facilitated a dialogue regarding his most recent book 'When Church Stops Working: A Future For Your Congregation Beyond More Money, Programs and Innovation'. In particular, he shared about his work with Dr. Andrew Root on a project called 'Congregations in a Secular Age'.

Blair Bertrand currently serves full time as a Senior Lecturer at Zomba Theological University in Malawi. Through the wonders of technology and air travel, he does this 2/3 of the time from his home in Ottawa and in Malawi 1/3 of the time. The Presbyterian Church in Canada fully supports this missionary posting in partnership with The Church of Central Africa Presbyterian. Bertrand also teaches at Tyndale University (Toronto) in the area of practical theology (thanatology, global Christianity, youth ministry). He has a PhD in Practical Theology from Princeton Theological Seminary. Recently, he has been working with Andrew Root (Luther Seminary) on a project called ‘Congregations in a Secular Age’ and the two of them have recently (2023) published as related book called When Church Stops Working.