Leadership Council

Interim Chairman: Dwayne Dibben, Secretary: Corinne Schalm, Treasurer: Brad Moffatt

Council Members: Penny Carleton, Ed Lehman, Doug Meyers


Leader Development
Leader Development Team exists to serve the churches of the ABA as a resource for and guide to the leader development activities of the local church.

Student Ministry Resource Team exists for the purpose of promoting, resourcing and encouraging student ministries in the local churches of the ABA as well as in the association, overall.

Global Operations Team exists to assist ABA churches with promoting, developing and resourcing international ministries of the NAB Conference as well as other international ministries of local ABA churches.

Church Planting Team exists for the purpose of assisting local churches in the ministry of disciple-making towards church multiplication.

Crisis Prevention and Restoration Team serves to coordinate and facilitate efforts that focus on healthy pastors and healthy churches, giving particular attention to preventing crisis in ABA churches while navigating the processes of restoration and recovery when crisis does occur.