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This year, the first weekend in September at Camp Caroline is reserved for the German Bible Camp. If you were expecting Lederhosen and Dirndl, you would be disappointed.  The participants are primarily of German origin, usually first- or second-generation immigrants, who have become very bilingual and happily merged their European heritage with a Canadian one.  Amidst a lot of English, we hear the mother tongue, and although presentations are in German, there is an English summary sheet provided for our non-bilingual guests.  We enjoy the music we remember from our childhood and have great fellowship around the tables, often with a good German sausage. We welcome all new campers, German or not.

All interested parties may contact our Registrar, Mrs. Gisela Labrentz of Edmonton,

at 780-405-2117 or by e-mail at

Please see download below to view the brochure in the German language.