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As part of the 2022 ABA Mission Events, join us for the...

GEM Conference at McKernan Baptist Church

"It's Time" 

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2022 Offering Goal of $20,000 

2 primary foci: International Theological Education AND Refugee Relief.
Cheques should be made out to: Alberta Baptist Association (ABA) or people can give online thru the ABA website.
International Theological Education - $8000

-Odessa Seminary (Ukraine)                                               2000.00

-New Dawn Initiative (Nigeria/Cameroon)                           2000.00 

-Rio Grande do Sul Baptist Theological Seminary (Brazil)  2000.00  

-Missionary Internship                                                         2000.00               

Displaced People/Refugee Relief   - $12,000

-Odessa Seminary (Ukraine)                                               6000.00

-New Dawn Initiative (Nigeria/Cameroon)                           6000.00

 Total  - $20,000.00* (If the Lord should bless us with MORE than $20,000, the overage will be divided equally between Odessa Seminary and New Dawn.)