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Ministry Team:

Senior Pastor: Eliasaph Zahir

Trinity Asian Christian Church of Edmonton was an independent Church body, but now affiliated with Alberta Baptist Association, Canada, was incepted about 16 years ago through a vision of some God-fearing ministry-oriented individuals.  

The vision and mission of these believers was to help Urdu/Hindi speaking diaspora across Canada in their deeper understanding and knowledge of the Word of God through worship and teaching.   

The church today is comprised of 20 families with total members between 55-60 individuals including adults, youth and children. Pastor Eliasaph Zahir is a graduate of International Graduate School of Leadership (IGSL 2001) from Manila, Philippines, M.Div. in World Missions.  

Worship is at the center of what we do at TACC of Edmonton; our teachings from the pulpit are based on love and Grace of God. We feel strongly about training the church in their relationship and walk with God, baptism (adult), dependence on the ministry of the Holy Spirit, evangelism and discipleship and outreach among multi-ethic groups (Muslims, Hindus and Sikh Communities).  The mission of the church, until Christ returns, is to give glory back to God in the making of disciples (Mat 28:18-20), inviting others to follow the gospel of Jesus Christ and walking alongside each other as we mature in that faith.  

Meetings: 5104 Ellerslie Road

Edmonton, Alberta

T6X 1A4

phone 780-707-1694
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Service Times

Sunday at 1:00pm